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While there is no one method of healthcare that is the right fit for everyone, osteopathy leads to improvement or resolution in most patients.  Frequency of visits are tailored to your needs.  The second visit is usually about 2 weeks after the first, and follow up visits can vary from 2-8 weeks apart.  Dr. Thom’s approach is to try 3-6 visits to see if your body is making changes.  Since the body adapts to and compensates for injuries, they accumulate over time if left untreated.  For this reason, infants and children sometimes need just a few treatments.  Adults with a history of a lot of injuries or surgeries may need longer to respond.  Some patient with chronic conditions find they benefit most if they continue treatments every 1-3 months.  If there is insufficient benefit from the initial treatments, she may try a different form of OMT, recommend adding another modality to augment your response (such as physical therapy, yoga, massage, etc.), or refer you to another specialist.


Preparing for your visit

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend and move easily, such as sweats, leggings, loose fitting pants, or shorts.  Please avoid jeans and other clothing with thick bands and rivets.  Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne or other scented body products, and please do not wear magnets or copper.  Please turn off all cell, wifi, bluetooth, and NFC signals on arrival.


What is a treatment like?

You can expect a detailed physical exam followed by the osteopathic treatment.  Dr. Thom’s style of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is gentle and she explains things as she goes along.  Most people feel no discomfort whatsoever, although some people feel parts of their body tightening, relaxing, shifting or moving. 


What to do after a treatment

Plan to take it easy after the treatment.  The treatment starts during your visit and your body can continue to make changes for the next week or more.  The body is more vulnerable to injuries soon after treatment, so avoid heavy lifting, awkward positions, repetitive movements, or strenuous exercise for 48 hours.  Gentle walking is fine.  Taking it easy also helps the treatment progresses further.   Drink extra water and get more sleep as well.


Some people feel sore after a treatment.  This is due to the body shifting in response to the treatment, as the finer nerve endings are in the connective tissues which are shifting.  If this occurs, it is generally mild and lasts 1-3 days.  If you have any questions about what you are experiencing, we ask that you call the office.

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